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A Healing Place
A healing and teaching practice
in Philadelphia

Creating Health

and Well-Being


We all know the directives:

  • healthy eating
  • regular exercise
  • some sort of personal practice to relieve tension and stress
  • healing therapies to increase overall health and well being

In today's busy world, it can be difficult to find the time to take care of yourself, and difficult to decide among the various practices available.

On these pages you'll find information about personal practices and about healing therapies which can help you in your quest to take care of yourself.

A Healing Place

A Healing Place offers personal practices & healing therapies that are good for you - body, mind, heart and spirit. Cathy specializes in Kinesiologies that address:

  • the physical body (structure and physiology);
  • the brain and central nervous system;
  • and personal and spiritual growth

And there's more! Your Energy Kinesiologist works with you in partnership to improve your health and WellBeing. To help you help yourself, Cathy teaches private lessons, classes, workshops and retreats integrating the principles of Energy Kinesiology with the traditions of yoga, tai chi, chi kung and meditation -




Raise your WellBeingQuotient©!

On these pages, read...
  • read Musings monthly for inspiration and information
  • check out the Personal Practices pages for information about tai chi, yoga, chi kung, meditation, and the dates and times of classes, workshops and retreats
  • explore Healing Therapies for information about some of the many modalities of complementary practices addressing physical, mental/emotional, spiritual and energetic levels of being
  • e-mail or call 215-829-8834 with questions
  • ask to receive monthly bulletins of class schedules, upcoming events and food for thought

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Cathy Layland


Teaching and Healing is the work of my heart and spirit. My intention is to create a safe and supportive experience, that “healing place” which is not so much a physical space but rather a state of being.”